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Creating Songs from the Heart

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Kids Songs

Crawling Bug - Antics of a new little crawler

I Just Can’t Wait Til’ I Am Two - Just learning the ropes

Look Who’s Two - A celebration of new achievements

Lullabye - Sleepy time Blessing

 Eat ‘Em Up! - A Song for Selective Eaters

Princess Pea - The Only Girl In A Sea of Boys!

Fitting Occasions

Cockroach Song - A Fitting Tribute

  #   “ Ain’t Too Old If You’re a Tree - A new way to say, “Happy Birthday”! Any age will do!

Thank You Very, Very, Much - Appreciation for zoo volunteers & docents

The Grandparent Song - A Love Song between grandparent & grandchild

Songs of the Heart

Growing Old With You - Journaling a Lifetime of Love

Love Has Filled This Place - For Those Who Remarry

Friends - Support for the hardest of times

Faith Filled Fellowship

We Are Called - Seeing God In Others

The Giving Tree - We Are The Gift

Songs from the Heart

On this page you will find a compilation of most of the music pieces I have done over the years.

Some are still in the “draft” stage with final recordings pending. Others will be re-recorded at a future date. Always seems “just one more tweak” will make it perfect!